Trip 1 - August, 2009

Trip 2 - October, 2011

Blogger: Corby and Maurie James



Bonaire is the B in the ABC islands (A=Aruba and C=Curacao).  It is a well known dive destination with the reputation of having some of the best diving in the Caribbean.  It is now officially a special territory of the Netherlands.  When we were last there, this was a recent happening and the towns people were still not too sure what to think.  Roads and schools were supposed to get better, but taxes were definitely going up.

We love this island in that it is one of the few places not over run with cruise ships and tourists.  Oh yeah, the diving is spectacular as well.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and dive your ass off, you can't beat it as a destination from the U.S.

Getting There

For both trips, we used points on United to get to Bonaire through Houston.  It is an easy flight with some of the quickest customs I have been through.  Got to love the Dutch.  Most resorts have car packages with them, so normally, the resort will pick you up from the airport and then rent you a car / truck when you get there.