We live in Irving, Texas with our two dogs, yet we try to leave Irving whenever possible. You can find us in the mountains of Boulder, the diamond mines of Arkansas, the beaches of the Caribbean, the hiking trails of pretty much anywhere. 2015 took us to Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Chicago, New York City, Denver, Playa del Carmen and Curacao.  This year we'll make our way to Santa Fe, Southern California, Chicago, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Big Bend. Travel for us means blending relaxation, outdoor activity, good food and local culture.

Dan is a sports nut that dreams of attending a game in every NBA arena. You can find Dan's NBA blog here: downontheblock.co

Megan is the definition of a voracious reader. She'll be posting her favorite books read while traveling to and from vacation spots, with synopsis and recommendations.  Oh, and she really really likes to catch Dan on "scare cam."